Monday, July 11, 2011

Get Your Art On Day 10 - Curly Locks

my little lily has springy little tight curls, they bounce as she runs around at top toddler speed, they seem to act as a mood ring almost, when shes frustrated they turn to frizz when shes happy they bob around her little button face without a care in the world, and as I sat there this morning combing her curls taming them so she could wear a little headband I thought I would use those little chocolate springs in a little journal spread today.

below you'll see my workings for this wintery morning while the teacup humans play with a swirly orange bouncy ball outside. Brown eyed just like my lily, some watercolours, washi tape few stencils the green negative circles was put there a few weeks ago...I like to use my excess ink on other pages only to stumble across them weeks later when I finally make it to the page.

I used a pitt pen to outline the circles then some watercolours to fill in. Watercolour markers for her top lip, nothing special used on the spread just a little time and a tiny smile on my face creating something that had a little bit of lily tint to it. I might add a bit more too it, some text in the corner and some gel medium to tack down the paper making sure it doesn't move.
time image was a image of a bright cloudy sky but bit hard to see now with all the layers!

I might even put wings on her, as miss L, thinks shes a fairy princess more often then not. The little ones are asking to do a little art so I might set them up in the sun with some old clothes on and some paint and sponges, see what they create.

pop on over to Traci's blog to see what shes created for the day, I am early today! so I've beaten her in regards to posting times! Im an organised little artist today ( for once)
tomorrow I will go back to my background page I showed you last night and see what becomes of it....
got a little side tracked with chocolate curled girls..who wouldnt!

xx Courtney


  1. Lily is adorable! When my Andrew was little, he had a head full of tight, black, springy curls. This brings back memories!

    Your pages are wonderful! I love the layers upon layers of things you add, and I love that you go back to your pages more than once. Great stuff!!

  2. love the little curls on both Miss Lily and your journal.

  3. Lily is precious and so is your drawing.


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