Thursday, July 28, 2011

Get Your Art on Day 27 and Creative Space! True 2 You Two

well well on today's creative front, its the beginning of a new artistic journey, I enrolled myself in an art course a little while ago and the course starts in a few days, as a pre teaser, Samantha Kira has given a little worksheet/questionnaire on journalling, how we came to journal, why we journal all different questions on our journalling selves. So my art today is theoretical art, writing about my art, which I feel is just as important sometimes as the art itself.

I will be using my new art journal for the course, as I'm about 5 pages left of my current one and wanted the course work not to be split up so I move into this book, who says you cant have ur hands in two books at once!

I also started keeping a written journal, purely for my everyday journalling, the mundane if you will. I realized that my writing had become less and less as I got more involved with my art journal, so I got out a little O Check Designs book I have had for over a year, and started jotting things down, how I'm feeling, moments in my day I wanted to remember, things the kids have done and general reflections.
It feels good to write again, I didn't know how much I'd missed it till I started again.

So there are all my journals stacked up waiting to be filled up and inked all over whether it be with words or ink or art they all have a purpose in my life, and they are all so very important to my growth as an artist a writer and as a mumma.

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and as for me..pop back tomorrow I'll have something else for you.
xox Courtney

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  1. you have beautiful handwriting, the course sounds terrific!


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