Friday, July 29, 2011

Get Your Art on day 28 - Stencilry

We decided to drive back tonight instead of Saturday morning alot easier on the kids and for us, so the boy doesn't have to drive two days running and its such a long drive!
so I packed like a mad woman today! making sure everything was packed, and at the door so that minimal time was spent doing just that tonight. My little ones are in the bath so it gives me a spare moment to blog before the road trip begins!

today I did some basic basic, stencil work nothing fancy just quick and easy in between loads of washing and cleaning and packing.
I hope to turn these into something rather lovely though! thats always my intention.

I'm so very sleepy but I refused to let this day slip by without art! too close to the end to fail.

I'll see you back in my little country nook, a bitter sweet return...but it has to be done only for a few more months.
pop over to traci's blog to see her photography work for the day.
I need to go get two very wet kids out of the bath and into their pjs!
xx Courtney

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