Saturday, July 30, 2011

Get Your Art On Day 29 - already thinking...

Well we made it through the car trip barely! the little teacup humans hardly slept well I lie, one slept but work up every 20 minutes whimpering little lily, well she decided to defy the odds of sleep law and just talk on and off for ages! boy and I are showing signs of wear and tear for sure.

so here is my pathetic attempts for tonight's art attempt, just a little collection of things from moments in my life all down on the page.

organizing the crazyness that is my art stash at the moment, I think ikea gave me lightbulb moments, where things can look neat and tidy and be contained in freaking cute boxes! so that's been what I've been doing for half of my day, just tidying and putting things in giant boxes to make sure that all my supplies are kept safe and are easier to get to, I still have my usuals at hand though they are on my desk all unpacked from the trip to sydney.

as the Get Your Art On month draws to a close, I thought about what I might do for next month, I like the thought of making time to art, things get done...practice makes perfect... and I went looking for something else to keep me on the journey to semi regular arting. Yep I am doing true to you 2 which is going to be FAB! but today I saw a blog post by the dear Journal Girl herself, her challenge, is to do two paintings a week on canvas. or on Big bits of paper something other than our art journals, and I thought about it for a bit, and went WHY NOT!
so I went out today and bought two canvases ready for the first week in August, I'm a little excited by it, I like the idea of filling a wall with bright bright canvases 8 in one month! I might have to sell a few off and give them as gifts! we shall see!!! Im hoping I can keep up, but I have a good feeling that I will.

that's it for me! pop over to Traci to see her beautiful photos and a journal page for today
xx Courtney

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