Friday, August 12, 2011

Spilling Over!

Today as I met the post man, completely drench from just having a shower with my pjs crammed on like a lunatic. He handed me a parcel, and I knew instantly that it was the book I'd ordered a couple of weeks ago so all the embarrassment of looking like a drowned rat in shocking pj attire slipped away!
I have decided to buy myself one book a month to keep my journal/mixed media/art/writing collection going, so my first book purchase was Diana Trout's Journal Spilling. Oh my, how delish this book is!
I am half way through reading and soaking up the beauty, I was meant to make an art vid today but when the book fell into my hands everything else was forgotten and I got lost amongst it's pages like a beautiful dream.

filled with ideas, techniques and her own experiences this book is just devine, buy it you know you want to!
as I've mentioned a few times in the past I'm undertaking Samantha Kira's True 2 You 2 course over at willowings ning site link to it is in the sidebar, and week one was all about colour, here are the fruits from week one. Week two is pattern so I shall be getting stuck into that and with yesterdays finished canvas patterns are on my brain!
in between my mummy, cleaner, daydreamer moments I am also still working on my Remains of the day, I'm trying to make the time to sit down and bind the signatures into the journal, but for now I'll just play amongst the photos I've printed out to start working its way into the magical mismatching pages.
and last on the agenda today is the quickie sketch I played with in a moment of I need to do some art NOW! so I grabbed a dark graphite pencil and just started scribbling till something came from the mess, a little spray and a little watercolour and wahla took me 15 mins max to do. Sometimes you just need to inject some art onto a page. Doesn't have to be perfect (mine sure isn't) but its good to get it out of your system. I'm contemplating binding a journal just for these types of works, those quick quick don't stop sketches that just evolved from scribbling lines and a bit of paint.

that's all for me, I'm currently waiting for my mum to rock up, shes late as per usual then its off for a bit of birthday present shopping and dinner at parents place. I've got my journal packed and I'm ready to just sit and sketch while my little ones play and I get the night off from cooking.
xx Courtney


  1. the book looks fabulous as does your journal doodle drawings and your remains of the day makes me not want to finish mine and steal yours.

  2. the book looks fabulous! I must add it to my my wishlist, that list is getting sooooo long

  3. The book looks great, as does your art! What a great idea to buy a book a month. I think I am going to do that too!!! Thank you.

  4. I so agree. Sometimes you just have to carve out 10 minutes and create. It fills my soul.

    Love the idea of buying yourself a book once a month. What a lovely treat.

  5. Hi Courney! I own this book and it's a fab one. I haven't really dedicated myself to it yet tho. One day I hope my art journaling will get off the ground. I so enjoy your work and I wait patiently for your finished photos of your remains of the day journal - another class I want to take when I finally get some free time!
    Jessi xox


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