Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday Night in the Brook-Diaz House

Thursday night in the Raven house, was bbq movie night, a little treat for the bumbles, and also a reason to test drive the boy's new bbq! was a nice night, kids played outside while we cooked the meat, sorted a movie out and made popcorn on the stove.
lily being a little dork hehe but shes adorable.

eli playing with me on the bed, first time I've gotten him to just be silly and let me take photos! this was a happy accident snap...and its one of my faves of him.
we had snags, chicken kebabs, and a mexican marinated beef for dinner, served with wedges and fresh crusty bread! was soooo good! the boy has taken left overs to work for lunch hehe.

and after they watched the lion king, ate their mumma cooked popcorn they were off to bed...and I finally got to slink into bed, and do a little art, before the boy and I watched Water for elephants...adored that movie was so beautiful.

so that was Thursday night in our house! tonight a whole different story..packing today and driving through the night to get home to Inverell for a mere week before we are back in Sydney for two weeks! crazy time in my life I must say!

take care my dears
xx Courtney


  1. Love you hun and my grandbabies too. The pics are adorable.

  2. Thank you for sharing your Thursday night and the photos. Absolutely precious!!!!


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