Thursday, August 25, 2011

Creative Space - What I've been doing.

yes I admit it, I'm in an art/craft rut, but I am doing my very best to drag my sorry self out of the rut, so in order to show myself that I have been doing a little art even though its not much, I'm still creating and that's what important.

I started adding colour to my side face girl last night, she's slowly taking shape. I think I will do alot of layers of colour on her, to really get the depth, one thing I've learnt arting, is that I'm spending more time on things, not just wanting to get it finished, but to give it, its best chance to be something beautiful.

yeah little more work on colouring as the below photo looks like shes chewing something lol ugh I'm such a critic!
and the forever photo organising for remains of the day journal, maybe I shouldn't organize and just get them into the journal...nup I want it to be organized lol, and Im also starting up a week in my life with a few friends, where starting next thursday we are doing a week in our life, photographing every day a few snaps and writing a little bit about them, Im going to print mine out and make a book out of remind myself that my life isn't that boring...all the little things count.

I am also going to give this little journal some love, and a soul again, she lost her cover some time ago, and I stopped using her, so in the coming days I'll revamp her ready to go. She already has some art inside her, but got disreguarded the moment she lost her thats me for this creative thursday! pop over to our creative space and check out the pretties there.
I'll see you when I see you..maybe when I get out of this horrid rut!!
the count down is on to gulfsprites 30 days of art journalling course!! get a spot u know you want to!

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  1. Your painting looks lovely, as always. I always want to run over to the store an buy some new markers, gesso and brushes when I visit your blog. It looks so much fun! Thanks for sharing


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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