Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Artful Journey Day 13 - portrait practice

In the nook tonight, there isn't much happening, today's been filled with too much 'real life' stuff such as sorting out day care for little ones (which still isn't sorted) and also ringing around for removal quotes.

But in between it all, I did get a minimal amount of work done. I started my faces homework for my Jane Davenport Supplies Me course. which is such a beautiful refreshing course.

and on the gulfsprite journal class, the prompt is text! now I've been mulling this one over, and I only got a start on it late tonight so there isn't much to see yet! but slowly slowly I'll get there, I always do.

I'm going to snuggle up and cuddle into my man while I draw some more faces and plan my text page
xx sleep well my darlings
x C

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  1. Hi Raven! Lovely drawings! Thanks for your response, I'm following you too now but not sure what networkedblogs means?!? Regards, Nadya


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