Monday, September 12, 2011

The Artful Journey - Day 12..Magical Forests.

A puddle forest she called it, and its this beautiful pooling of colour that transform into trees with just a little black ink! I had so much fun doing this prompt on Christy's course, that I'm considering doing a long canvas for lily's room once we move, in all fairy type colours. They are a little bit whimsy and a touch of magical.

I chose three colours and they moved into many little light and shades of those colours.
I can see many more of these purely to calm me down...and release a little arty frustration.

The fruits of my background the question is..what to do on it. I shall think on it while I sleep dreaming of inky forests and pretty pooling colours.

pop on over to Traci's blog and see what arty adventures shes on for her 30 days of Get your Art on.

take care...give your art journal a little love..
xx Courtney


  1. Love your magical little forest!
    I see you finally got that background to the perfect point of completion! It is beautiful.

  2. Love the pool forest... it's really beautiful :)

  3. Oh I love the forest. You are a wonderful painter. I love all the flowers you've been doing recently. Very beautiful.

  4. What a fascinating technique. I can easily imagine how great this would look on a canvas. It is wonderful and inspiring.


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