Friday, September 16, 2011

The Artful Journey - Pages in Progress

since I have alot on today, I decided to post my 'pages in progress' things that haven't been finished yet, and havent made it onto the blog because of it.

I'm still sketching for jane, just backs and butt's till we move on to something else! I'm so enjoying learning, one girl described it as - feeling like an arty sponge, trying to soak it all up..and it was a perfect description of how I feel.
on the Christy front, a page about using outside materials, like magazine pages and other things to create hidey holes in our journal.. like french doors almost.. I chose images of the same woman in a photobooth over the course of her life...

so interesting..she seemed so unhappy though lol.
and the leaf prompt Im still pluggin away at, maybe when I get back home, there will be more real life leaves to play with than here in sydney

so I'm off back to Inverell tonight, which is why my post is so early, need to get it done before I walk out the door in under two hours.
I shall see you tired and dirty from packing tomorrow..wonder what art I'll fit in lol.
xx Courtney

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