Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Artful Journey - Junk in the Trunk

Evening my dears, quick blog post, as I've spent the entire day on my feet chasing little ones, doing almost no art at all!!!

I did however arrange my prismas into colour families and a set of my portrait colours.. Jane's course has giving me urges to put things in colour co-ordination!!

Today's lesson in janes course was all I got done today as it was portable, tomorrow in between packing I'm going to catch up on my Christy class!! that requires alot more supplies and a heap of arty mess!

so bodies! back's and butt's were todays lesson and gosh so much fun, and such quick tricks, I adore them lots more to draw to get it right.
so thats me done for today! I'm tired and sore from being action mumma all day!
see you tomorrow...with of course..more art.

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