Friday, October 7, 2011

The Copic Marker Fear

I know...I knowwwww....I didnt make the full month...and to be honest, there was no humanly possible way to do it, I was a little but nuts I think, to believe I could art and move house all at the same time! I've only just gotten a little bit back on the art horse. Still recovering from the move and the horrid unpacking lol..but its Marker week with Miss Jane, and I will say now..I was scared..I have copics...a little growing stash...and hadnt used them.. well like twice to write something lol..but thats it.

Even with the fear, I jumped in...headfirst and started my face while watching Jane's shading is my copic marker girl..almost finished.

just some work on her hair, which I'll do with watercolours, and I'll cut her out and glue her into my journal.. yes I didnt draw her in my journal because I didnt want to make and ugly mess in there... shame on me..mistakes are time I'll suck it up.
and my homework for the week, was to work on my shading of spheres, and to incorporate them in a creative here is the journal lay out that I finished while waiting for the dr at the ER for eli....that's another story, and a rather crazy one lol so..just admire the waiting room art instead hehe.
so that is all I have thus far...trying to get back on the arting horse has been hard since there are so many boxes all around..but thats ok, bit by bit we will settle in.

take care my lovelies...and also a big hello to the new followers! I've seen my digits creep up a little bit over the past few weeks so hi! welcome and thanks for taking the time to stop by!
xx Courtney


  1. Hi Courtney! I am a fairly new follower and really enjoy reading your blog. Plus your art is divine. :) I love seeing what you are working on in Jane's class too - your girl will look great in your journal. I haven't used copics, but looks like fun! xo, Jen

  2. Your work is beautiful, glad you overcame your fear to play with the markers a bit! :)

    Kacy @ Copic Marker


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