Sunday, October 9, 2011

New things!

So today's post is all about new things...I've been in a marker club for a while now, getting 7 markers a month, so it grows rather slowly but hey, its the only way I'll ever afford a stash of the delectable copic markers. Now even though I've got these markers, I've pretty much never used them...horrid I know! Until Marker week with goddess was like a light bulb went on with how to use these lovely things. (even to the point where I'd bought a few more markers while I was out, due to pure excitement! Korean Brand, 'Touch')

so the shading lesson came out on Thursday I think...and I decided I'd leave the boxes and unpacking chaos behind me for a bit so I could jump in and start using these beautiful markers for more than what I was using them for (eye candy lol) this is my second girl that I saw my first girl the other day...and shes in the photo below anyway. I was super happy with my second attempt, I kept going ' Wow I did that!' I got scared of wrecking her...but I knew I had to do a my mixed media assignment, so last night I got my things out, spread them far and wide and got down to it.

with a little bit of patience, and alot of line drawing, sloshing watercolours down, spraying inks and some hand stamping randomly..with time and glee..she turned into these brightly coloured siren...and you know what... I bloody adore her!!
so that is what I've been up to between the unpacking. I'm looking for my video camera amongst the boxes so I can start my art vids back up for youtube.
I'm off to buy a food processor and a boomerang pillow!
xx Courtney


  1. absolutely beautiful Courtney. Your talent continues to amaze me.

  2. This is so incredibly beautiful....!!! I love everything you've created for Jane's class!

  3. Stunning! Reading your blog has actually made me want to take up art journalling again, I realised how much I missed it.

  4. Amazing, she is just soooo BEAutiful. I'd love to se more of that. You are so talented.

  5. Amazing! She is a really beautiful work of art. Well done!

  6. I'm amazed by your faces Courtney, and this one caught my heart!
    I'm new at your blog and I'm visiting your posts from newest to oldest :)


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