Monday, November 7, 2011

slowly slowly...arty art.

I'm slow off the mark these days! I need to overcome the blank stare at the open journal.
I started creating a mess of a background last friday night, whilst talking to my mumma on skype, I looked at it the next day and just went...'what the hell!' so stared at it, for a few days, then finally I just started sketching, laying colour down and trying to make something from the mess.

slowly she appeared.
I still have the opposite side of the page to fill lol, but at least I've tackled some of it. I've been thinking lately about what I want my art journal to become, just for art, or for the entire thought of documenting my life... do you have separate journals for things, or are you a one book kinda person?

on the topic of other books, I think its about time I bind my signatures into my remains of the day journal, so I'm going to attempt that some time today. Then I will be torn as to what to work in...the drama's of a journal keeper!

enjoy your Monday
x Courtney


  1. Hi Courney! I'm a multiple journal kind of gal. A different journal for art, recycle remains, projects and progress, just writing... the list goes on. I can never have enough journals, lol!
    Jessi xox

  2. I have multiple journals, but pretty much just work in one, the other one is used for left over paint, or extra spray on my stencil. At least when I work on that left over one, I won't have blank pages! And I do pretty much everything in my journal, make lists, journal my heart, try new things....I guess I use the one because it is an old text book of mine, and there are just so many pages, so if I do everything in that one journal I will get through it faster. Ha ha.

    Love how you page came out by the way!

  3. Oh I can't have enough Journals, and the best thing about them is flipping through them and giving them a touchy feel throughout. I love the feeling of the paint and paper i my books. I also have different ones, A doodle one, and one for traveling, one for the coffeshops one for my bedside table and one for workbreaks.

    What do you use for String when you make your journals? Thanks for your wonderful Blog xox Pia


Thanks so much for the lovely comments! it makes my day to know that Im not babbling to myself!
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