Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creative Space Thursday - Trust the Mess

for once I'm on point with getting my art snapped for a creative space post! usually I remember its thursday by the time it's almost all over with, I started a little bit of art last night, trying to get back on the wagon now that I'm on meds again, it seems such an effort to art! which was one of the things I worried about...but my man is making sure he keeps my fire alive even when I am stuck in limbo.

I was sat at my desk last night starting at my journal for what seemed like eternity, then I just picked up my aqua brush opened my watercolours and started laying colour down...when in doubt just put colour onto your page and go from there.
I knew I wanted to make something as my last message to Jane from my art course.
The most amazing thing was those three words, trust the mess, everything is a learning process and everything cant be fixed or simply covered up.

I fell in love with my prisma pencils again, using them in a way I never had before.

Jane made me face my copic fear, finally using the markers and bending them to my will not theirs. I loosened up and let go of being perfect, or trying to art like others and just created for the pure love it it.

I learnt to accept that not every thing I create in my journal is going to be shaded beautifully, or drawn perfectly, that each day I put pen to paper I'm growing as an artist.

I also love that my palette has grown to colours I would normally never use, and now they are spilling onto my pages like liquid rainbows... simple little things that may not seem much to many...but give me so much hope for what is to come in my artistic journey.

this woman, has changed me on the inside.
that's enough from me for today
enjoy the other creative spaces over at Our Creative Space

I shall try make some more art tonight...something will get done, if the boy has anything to say about it lol.
xxox Courtney


  1. Hi Courtney,
    Ditto to everything you've said... I've so enjoyed this course.....have learnt so much..

  2. This is beautiful. I love the colours you've used, and the way they flow throughout your piece.


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