Saturday, January 7, 2012

a day in the city.

Today's Selfie after a day in the City.

We had another big day, with a trip to another garden place, to look at fruit trees and herbs, writing down what we want to plan, what we want to plant them in and so forth, one thing I'm making sure we have in our little potted veggie/fruit patch is strawberries.
after the plant place, I ducked into a little op shop to check for some treasures, I only came out with two little things, one being a beloved little Bambi mug, as my pet name from the boyfriend is Bambi, and a little Japanese pencil case for my handbag, so that my pens and pencils are safe instead of swimming around when I chuck them into my bag on the way out the door.
once we got into the city and parked, I spied an art store on the way to our bookshop destination, and I was drawn to the singular prismacolour pencils, so I nabbed a couple for my collection, including a new white one, as the white pencil gets an epic amount of use.

we took the kids to their first sushi train experience, and both devoured many a plate of chicken and avocado sushi. I was most pleased as sushi is a food both the boy and I adore! now we have the kids addicted aswell.

after we were all full, it was off to the big bookstore in sydney the kids picked a book each as is customary when we go to a book store, and I stole a pic from the big bay reading windows they have in the store. Beautiful old clock.

after much browsing I finally set my sights on this one, it won my heart the moment I flicked through the beautiful pictures of sad girls with a touch of whimsy. I will have fun curling up tonight to lose myself in this amazing little world.
so that is all I have for you today, tomorrow I'll be back with Supply Sunday, where Copic Markers will be my supply of choice!
take care
xx Courtney


  1. Dear Courtney, thank you for having me on your trip to the city. the "selfie" is stunning! LOVE it!

  2. Oh yes beautifull selfportrait. ;)


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