Sunday, January 8, 2012

Supply Sunday - Coming Monday!

I decided during the family bbq today that I wanted to do a video using my copics for supply sunday, then by the time we got home out of the heat, with the kids fed bathed and in bed, I was and still am much too tired to art. So my dears, this weeks Supply Sunday will be posted tomorrow, so you get a nice little art vid to go with the post.

below today's tired selfie after a day in 31 degree heat!

my little ones had an awesome time thats for sure! they played for three hours straight with small breaks for water guzzling and lunch. Here is eli after his first go on a flying fox! he was so proud of himself.

and after the bbq, the boy and I decided to take the little ones to an ice cream parlor for a much needed cooling down...lily got more on herself then in her mouth!

and I swanned around in a bright dress, and my inner dorothy I love the wizard of oz.
I shall see you tomorrow, for an art vid and supply sunday!! (monday)
xx Courtney


  1. your snippets are so much fun... seems you are having an active happy day :-)

  2. Can't wait!! Love the photos!!


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