Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!!

It's that time again, a fresh year, a new perspective and a huge list of creative goals to start working towards!
Many things will be happening on the little raven ink hub, getting my ideas down and then making them grow into full blown realities will be one of my resolutions for this year. I'm also undertaking a photo a day for the year, aswell as blogging everyday for the year, as a way to make me accountable for my art and my future dreams.

and inside my sketchbook while I've been away, not much has happened, but still things are being created, even if they are only simple... a little sad blue haired girl..

practicing my legs and feet for I heart drawing class, which has been quite a challenge but it's enjoyable knowing that I'm learning new things within my passion.
and to start the year, a little bit of journalling and a little play on my xmas gift.

enjoy the first day of the year, and I will see you for another 364 more days...cant wait!
xx Courtney


  1. Beautiful as always! Can't wait for the rest of the year to see what wonderful things you do.

  2. Yippee, excited for this year and all the fun photos you will share. I have joined a group on facebook and we are taking a photo a day for a year and posting it too on our blogs and facebook.


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