Monday, January 2, 2012

a little one finds his passion.

Another day into the new year, with lots to do, the boy and I have been re-organizing and doing the last of the few book boxes left, but we found a spare few mins to take a drive into town, to get a few things... so I thought why not since yesterday was a selfie..keep the tradition going...365 self portraits, maybe blogged..maybe just printed for my journal who knows!

Something that makes my heart sing, is this little man of mine, finding something that he really loves to do...taking photos, and little movies. So today, we gave him a little camera, took him to the shops bought an SD card and a battery recharger and let him loose. Its rather beautiful some of the photo's he has taken, the framing of would think I took them. I am thinking of making a little scrapbook for him, so he can print his faves out and we can glue them down.

In the spirit of keeping very busy and very creative, I joined a few things to keep me on the creative path, one was Alisa Burke's new course, step one was to organize your creative space...and I started doing just that, making my nook inviting and easier to work in.

once a week, I will be posting my Creative Mantra, and this weeks little message came from my SARK cards, gave me a smile when this card fell from the deck... embrace it and live it...

enjoy your day!
x Courtney


  1. What a fantastic idea to give kids a camera, think I might just do the same ;)
    Again love you blog spirit and your projects. Im exited to follow you this year with all your cool Ideas and you... <3 Denmark DoodleDiem

  2. I so love SARK, and I love to visit your blog and see the arty things you are doing. Even watching your page load is a joy, with its artistic feel. have a great 2012! x

  3. how wonderful ~ my two have their own cameras and it gives me such a thrill when they whip it out and start taking photos! i love your ideas of journalling them, too

  4. First off I love the new blog header, although I was hoping you were showing mine. :P

    How fun that E has his own camera to capture his own little world. I can't wait to see what he has taken photos of.

  5. Mmmm...the beauty of children when we just allow them to soar! I enjoy following your creative journey...thank you! Happy, gorgeous New Year...peace, love & happiness! ~H♥~


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