Thursday, January 12, 2012

just little tidbits

I did a little more work on my fairy girl today, adding layers of colour and some white paint pen.

still unsure of what to put on the opposing page..but I'm sure I'll get a lightbulb moment sometime or other.

it was nice just using paint and some coloured pencil here and there... I've been so worked up with my other drawings, going back to a face was like a nice big sigh.

I spent the afternoon reading to finish the second book in the Flowers in the attic series... enthralling books, its made me happily read in my spare time and in the mini trips we take in the car.

tomorrow...its me and the pile of fabric ...and the sewing machine.

xx Courtney

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  1. Hi Courtney - the blog is looking beautiful - love all the work you have done. I really loved seeing Elijah's photos - looking forward to more - Love Sonya


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