Wednesday, January 11, 2012

back to common ground

It seems that I have the memory span of a goldfish, Monday came and went, and I didn't even think about the Monday Mantra! I've been in a bit of an art funk, not sure what happened, I think I was trying to cram so much into my brain, learning new things, looking at all the courses I've been in, and want to do, I got overloaded and just fizzled I'm embracing this.

I sat at my art desk, staring at the journals I've started and gotten bogged down in, it seems there were pages in all my journals that didnt seem to hit the mark with me, so I just stopped arting. I just sat there going through pages I'd already way of re reading. So I went back to basics and just went to something familiar...faces... she isnt finished but here is my progress so far.

its a double spread, so tomorrow I might sit down and try and get the pages finished, and maybe then I will be over my little funk, ready to take anything on again.

a shocking photo, but alas here is the newest member of the nook...little raven.
I had to nab this photo whilst she was still enough to capture on the ipad. Tomorrow I'll use my cannon and hopefully have a better shot of my little black beauty.

xx Courtney

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  1. I love the satisfying feeling, when I get one thing finished. I am also a person who is starting so many things and then get stressed out... so thank you for remembering to get based... love your girl, she looks so preoccupied, so between spaces, love that


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