Friday, January 20, 2012

make mistakes.

(found via pintrest)
You know when you fall flat on you face, and you think to yourself, I'm not going to get up, just incase it happens again. Well artistically speaking, I think I went through that. I pulled back from creating, just because really... and now to try and get myself going again, I started gluing in photographs adding papers and watercolours, tape and inks, no drawing of people no pressure to be perfect...just creating pages for the purpose of recording my days till I get back on the horse and take off into the arty sunset.

so I fired up my printer and printed out some of my blog images, no rhyme of reason just ones that I liked, taped them down, and went from there. If I didnt like it..I gessoed over it.

there were pages that I didn't like in my little singer sewing art journal, and they stunted me almost. I couldn't get past them, so I didn't do anything. Today I decided to excuse my french 'fuck it' covered it up and started again, found a picture of my man, which makes me smile and taped him remind myself to breathe, smile and don't get bogged down in the silly details of things.

so I had some fun, and used bright colours and just played, its nothing award worthy but who cares...I need to learn not to care and just enjoy...for art is about enjoyment...

I promise I wont back off my blog again, I was going so well, then plummeted oh well..I'm only human, and my life isn't a pretty vignette, its a messy corner, and thats ok too.
xx Courtney


  1. Sweet sweet Courtney... Oh how I completely understand how you feel. Maybe it's January. I am in the same fallen-flat-on-my-face-can't-get-up-creatively moment and I can feel all the creativity bubbling. We just have to remember we create for our own "hART". Much DoodleLove from Denmark.

  2. Oh I so agree! Our lives are not always 'pretty' as much as we'd like them to be! Life is messy, and so is art! And I guess that's half the fun! Oh, and I love your little supplies art box!


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