Thursday, March 22, 2012

Creative Art journalling!

A starry Thursday to all of you! I've been busily working in my art journal, doing a few things here and there, went to visit my family on the weekend, and am getting over a cold the little ones brought home from school...alas here I am in my green ugg boots and my stripy cardi getting a post together!
so inside the little journal that could are some random odds and ends.

playing with the scanner, old letters and other sketch books of mine to create artworks to rework in my current journal..this girl has won a place in my heart because of her sad little face.

always trying to get my fashion figures sorted out, still tripping over on that task but I still try every few days, this is my current sassy girl

a whimsy long necked girl that was a sketch in my journal for so long, and while I was away at my parents as we caught up and chatted I sat and coloured, listening to the sounds of my family cackle and recount old stories.

I've been getting mail lately, which isnt bills! and as the mail arrives from Miss Sophie.
I glue things into my journal for later use. An old photo and some washii tape never go astray, oh..can you spot my course work for the new class I'm taking at the moment Painted faces with the beautiful Gulfsprite. Printing out her templates and drawing some of my own ready and waiting to get into the painting!

and of course, a random scrappy collage page that I've just started working on, needs some ink and watercolours me thinks...just not sure what to will come, it always does

so thats my creative space and my journal progress!!
what are you doing in your journals lately?
xx C

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