Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Progress

Hello hello!
another Tuesday, more random projects in the works, I'm making my one day mother in law a present for her birthday in May, now she makes my little ones some amazing clothes, and sews so much for the other grandkids aswell, I thought it was time she got sewn for..so I'm making her a quilt. Its nothing fancy, but its bright and cheerful, just like she likes and will be turned into a lovely big lap quilt for her during winter for her couch knitting. She feels the cold heaps, so I'll use wool batting for it aswell...here is my progress so far, these elements will be sewn into a big pannel, then ill cut them down into squares, boardering the squares in white with a bright binding to make it all pop.

a little desk organization is in order me thinks...
while sewing, and no kids...I bopped along to some Lisa Hannigan.

and last but not least, my little purchases from the craft and sewing fair. Can you spot the Jane davenport stamp! I ADORE her!
thats all from me today!
I'll try and do some art tonight on the couch to update you guys with...but at the moment, I'm all about getting this quilt top done so my darling girls can help me with the rest in april when I visit them.

xx Courtney


  1. I just stumbled upon your site and your artwork is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I was wondering if you could tell me if these are watercolors in the pan with all the rounds of colors? They somewhat seem stronger... Thank you sooo much for all the inspiration!

  2. Hi Courtney! LOVE your quilt! I just love the fabric patterns you chose. I'm taking Jane's class "Supplies Me" and I would like to get one of her stencil or stamps too.
    Jessi :)


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