Monday, April 23, 2012

Journal Peek!!

Well lookie lookie, a blog post! I've been working away in my journal, just playing I seem to just play alot! I took my journal on my little trip home, and got nothing done but laughing and sewing, so when I got home, I sat down in my little nook, and started to create. Here are the pages currently being worked on in my art journal.

watercolours, distress inks, and the eyes were drawn onto an old index card I had lying around, I drew them while I was on hold for a very long time, simple little doodles given a little attention can become something beautiful.

playing with stencils, sumi ink, photographs and acrylic inks to create this bright page that I personally adore. it makes me smile everytime I see it!

as I await my project life things from my mum, I still print out my iphone snaps and glue them down into my journal, where art and life collide.

so thats my journal peek!
xx Courtney

and I'll leave you with a monday mantra...cause I'm awesome like that..

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  1. What a great quote. Thanks so much for sharing it. Going to pop that one in my sketchbook.


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