Tuesday, April 10, 2012

so...I'll talk about my journal...

Good Afternoon my darlings!
I thought since I've had a few questions about my journal I'd thought I'd do a little info session on it.

My art journal wasn't an art journal in its former life, a few months ago, my man and I went to a book sale in my little town of inverell, where lots of second hand books get sold off for a good cause. So amongst the books, I found this old sewing book, it cost me $2.00. Even on the inside was a little message, happy 21st love your aunty -1975
I wasn't sure what I wanted it for, but as time went by and I had finished my last journal, I thought why not make this book into an art journal.
with the beginning of my I heart drawing course with Jane Davenport, I started to prep the book ready for arting.

I tore every 3rd page from the book, because I knew with all the art and mixed media I was going to do within the book, the old spine wouldn't be able to handle the weight. I still have all the spare pages, they are in my paper drawer and I use them for my collaging.

I do 90% of the time prep my pages before I begin, gesso, or laying down papers to make the paper ready to hold my arty abuse! I do love that the pages give a instant base for my art, the text and the vintage pattern pictures. So for the readers asking me how I get the text into my art..its within the book, and it scares off the blank page OH MY GOD syndrome.
When I decide to art, I really have no idea what I'm going to do, I just grab things...I am a firm believer in art and life colliding. Yes its an art journal, but I also put myself into my art, and my family..my day to day living is part of my art...I never looked at it that way till a lovely comment I got, saying she had joined my blog because I use my photos within my art journal..maybe that's my nook.

I print photos out from my cannon, my iphone, instagram on paper, on photo paper, I even print some of my photos over old letters just to give them a quirk.

washii tape is my best friend, its bright colourful, and helps work in my photos into my art... instead of them feeling like they just sit on the page...they become part of the art.

When I'm not playing with photographs, I'm probably doing portrait work, the human face, fascinates me so I spend alot of time playing in my journal colouring shading drawing faces.

paints, inks, prisma colour pencils...gesso, white paint pen..you know the usual art supply arsenal.

and of course..the copic markers
my little corner studio..

so thats my journal wisdom for today for you...I hope I've cleared up some questions...please I urge you, if you want to know anything else, ask me! I'll answer you directly or within a post.
but for now, enjoy the afternoon...

xxx Courtney


  1. I loved this post, its so lovely of you to share your art journal here, its very inspiring. Makes me want to start one right now!

  2. I love that I found your blog. I'm having fun going though your posts! Just thought I'd say thank you ♥


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