Friday, May 4, 2012

Face Three - 29faces in May Blue Bella.

Afternoon my dears, it's another day, and that means another face, I've done more than one since my last post, but this girl, was a happy accident, one of my ink bottles spurng a leak, and got all over my page, where I was working on a sketch, so I ran with it, I used two shades of blue Spray inks, applying them like watercolour and then using gesso to give them the painterly look.


I used a graphite pencils to do all her detailing, haphazard kind of sketching, I wasn't too precious with her, it seems the more careful lines u put in the more...forced a face is.

a little bit of white paint pen, and white prismacolour pencil and she was done, very simple, very accidental, but there you have it, my face for today!

welcome to my crazy messy desk, its getting more crazy as I paint more faces, you can see the opposite page where the ink spilled.

have a lovely afternoon my dear friends, and please pop back tomorrow for whatever face appears within the pages of my little art journal.
xx Courtney

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  1. gorgeousness, I love the tones you have given to your face just beautiful! And I love your messy's the twin to mine :) xx


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