Thursday, May 3, 2012

Faces In May - Day 3

We are off and running in the 29 faces in May challenge, and I've got to say, I'm getting really excited about it! I started stockpiling portrait photos that I liked from pintrest as reference points for my drawing. The quirky old man, was one of those photographs. He is my day three, I've been working on him all through my day even during the time I went shopping, having a tea while I was out, I sat and coloured him with my markers.

the woman opposite him was just a girl that developed while I was sitting on the couch, not sure if she will be day 4 or if I will go looking for more photographs to sketch!

a close up of my old man, he is predominately in greys, I used two shades of brown copic marker, and a prismacolour pencil as  highlights around the eyes and the shirt.
and a close up of my blue haired beauty!
how are your faces going?

xx Courtney


  1. WOW Courtney... WOW... your faces are amazing... I love the man... his expression... his glasses... and your blue haired beauty is stunning... gorgeous work...

    Jenny x

  2. The drawing of your old man is just incredible! I am in awe!~ I can't wait to see what other faces you draw this month =D


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