Saturday, May 26, 2012

Inky Pages - Art Journal Spreads.

Good Evening my darlings, it's a cold Saturday night, the little ones are tucked up in bed, water bottles warming their souls, and I sit at my desk, in a scarf and green ugg boots getting things done in my altered journal. I never expected to get so attached to a book. It goes almost everywhere with me, and yes, I have shoulder pains because of it lol, but it's worth it, I sit at my little man's school with it open just working on odds and ends, washii tape in my purse, a few photos tucked into the back to whip out when I think a pages needs some love.

the below picture is a girl I created with some watercolour markers, some india ink, prismas over an old letter I had lying around. the ink from the letter did morph a bit, but it made me love it more.

a photograph, a day tag, a cute fabric off cut from some random thing in my drawer and I was rolling along with this page, the waves were drawn in the windy cold of the primary school hehe. Some of those red flowers I love so much, they have become a big part of these pages. Photograph is one of my bus stop self portraits I do on instagram sometimes.

in the last moments of last night, I grabbed my pencil and created this little long necked odd girl. I played with colouring her in today, I like the look of her, shes simple, I'll keep playing with the long necks in a few sketches to come I think

below I found an old image on a clear oht page, turned it into a little pocket. Making use of the random junk that lines my bottom drawer.

Have a beautiful Saturday evening, curl up with your journal, and the junk that lines your drawers, letters images, tags..anything if fare game...and its all part of your life.
xx Courtney

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  1. I love your journal pages! And your girls are gorgeous!


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