Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Nook Dwellers.

Good afternoon my little ones,
It's been a few days since my last update so I thought I'd crawl out from my Desk and get a post done! There are big things shifting around in the nook... one being I'm embarking on opening a store in the near future, filled with crazy beautiful bright wondrous things. and in prep for that...I've been drawing like a woman possessed. 

there have been rainbows, and houses, vines and mice!

sweet little Deer

and little circus kittens.

and when I'm not creating the 'Nook Dwellers' as the range will be called, I have been playing on unstretched canvases for people to use in their mixed media, or for a centerpiece for a handmade journal...ideas are endless.

So do keep stopping by, and the nook dwellers start building homes in my notebooks and they creep so silently into your hearts...I've fallen head over heels for them.

It feels finally know who I am, I'm the girl that creates rainbow worlds for things to live in...
and it makes my heart beat fast just thinking about it.
and it all started, with little lily...who kept telling me stories about a circus cat who wore pearls and read books.
She inspired me...
I hope the nook dwellers inspire you.

keep watch..they are ever so silent.
xx Courtney

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  1. I love your colorful whimsy work! So exciting fo you to be opening your own shop! I'll keep an eye out for it!


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