Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Eclectic Journals Blogtober Day 3

Hello again!
Day three of Blogtober, and I am busy at work playing in the papers! I am currently taking a class by one of my favourite teachers who if you havent checked out go do it now! Gulfsprite she has just opened her own ning full of all her courses! I am currently immersing myself in her Eclectic Art journal class, which by the way is sooo good! I was ment to work out today ( I did finally get around to it) but it took me ages to go and actually work out, I started watching the first vid before I know it I was scrap bin diving looking for an old catalog to start using to alter! 

I have a scrap bin and a half, so this class is perfect for it...above is the start of mine, I've only done a few pages..workout interrupted my play! but it is very fun!!

I found old book pages, letters, scrapbooking index card with some free motion sewing on it, magazine name it! I even rushed out to buy myself a glue stick...(yes I didnt own one) so I could get right into it! Below is just the top of my scrap bin...eye spy the fabulous wallpaper that Tinniegirl sent me...which I now covet to death.

So  yesterday I said each day I would do a supply thing, and today is no different...I sat long and hard thinking about what I wanted to introduce next, that I use alot. I looked through the pages in my journal to find things that got used alot..and there was a clear winner. Distress Stains by Tim Holtz and the ranger label. I'm not one for label dropping, my craft paint resides at the dollar stores. Im not even sure what made me buy my first colour...I think my mum was the first to show me...then Jane Davenport rocked them aswell. I only have a handful of colours and that suits me just fine. They are like liquid watercolour in a bottle, with a dabber top for easy application. It swooshes onto a page very easily, and with several applications you can get varying shades of the colour. They do react with water, so if you put them down and use a wet paintbrush they will move about, just like watercolour. They go a long way. I am a colour girl, so my products need to be vibrant..and these babies are very pigmented and very bright.  The colour featured is Broken China...and it gets used and abused VERY heavily within my journal.

Below is an example of it being used in my art journal, as you can see, the layers of the colour give it more depth and darkness. I've used three stains on this little art card. I sloshed them onto the page then drew over it with an inky black pen. When you are looking to be lazy and want to get colour down fast, these are my go to.

So thats all from me, tomorrow I'll bring you more progress from my eclectic journal and bring you another supply favourite of mine.

Take care lovelies!
xx Courtney

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  1. Thanks for the shout out :) You have sold me, I was looking for a new toy and I am going to go get a few colors of distress stains from the store and play. I'm slow to add new products into my practice so knowing this one has your thumbs up means I know I will love it!


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