Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I'm a day late but I've been gently nudged to do a blog everyday in October challenge. So here I be! I haven't blogged that much lately, and I honestly have not much of a reason! About two months ago, my partner and I embarked on the Paleo way of life and cleaning eating, so my focus and time has been spent doing a lot of cooking! ( A LOT OF COOKING), but it has totally been worth it, and some posts during the month will be on food, and our lifestyle. We are also moving house..yes again. The landlord wants to move back in, so the nook needs to be packed up...but that's ok, in my new place...I'll have my very own studio! detached from the house and everything, so that will be a very exciting feeling.


My desk lately has been a crazy mess, but just recently I got given a parcel of lovelyness, a journal and a little bag cover made by the delightful Tinniegirl
It's going to be my on the go journal, as my current journal...is much much to big for travel now.


 as you can see...its a shoulder ache to carry it in my bag. So she stays at home on my desk and get's worked in almost daily. I don't know how I will deal with more than one journal, I know so many do it, but I'll give it a whirl. 

I've been bookbinding a lot lately, just making journals out of book covers that I've been saving for a rainy day...I have this little one almost finished.

a journal spread in the big girl. Playing with new stamps my mum and I ordered from Elise Joy the you are here stamp and you're my favourite (yes I spell it the Aussie way) are my faves by far. Ive used them quite a bit since getting them. Playing with new pens in this page my mumma gave me two big brush pitt pens and I do love them! they will be something I will look into getting more colours of. A photograph from one of my old letters from Miss Sophie over at her library adventures. We used to send each other a stack of photos from our week (back when we weren't so busy with life) So sometimes, some of her old photos make it into my art. I'm sentimental like that. We may even be embarking on a traveling moleskine in the coming months...just a maybe at the moment.

now I have been asked to do a supply video by many people and maybe in time that will happen, but for now I want to highlight one supply a day that I use more than twice a week...there is no point saying to you..here use this amazing expensive supply...and I've used it once...If Im going to tell you what my fave supplies are...I need to use it almost everyday. And these do get used ...HEAPS.
They were my first supply that I literally had to save money for. That time in my life, supplies weren't important at all...so I had to save on the side for them on the sly. I finally had the money to buy the Caran D'ache Neocolour II's They are a watercolour wax based crayon. Very high pigmented and very easily moved around with water. I bought the 40 colour tin, and I've had them for almost 3 years now and they are still going strong. You don't need to use a lot to get results which is why I love them, I'm all about budget budget budget!

So I've made my post long enough to compensate for the fact that it's day two of October here! 
have a fantastic day, and I'll be back tomorrow with more art, and another one of my budget crunching favourite supplies.
xx Courtney


  1. Your own studio... outside of the house! I am overjoyed for you. And a tad jealous. But I want to see you have more dedicated time for art so I'll get over it lolz
    Every photo was beautiful and I am so glad you are doing blogtober as I miss your blogging a lot.

  2. Hello! Visiting by way of Blogtoberfest and so glad I stopped by...I love the journal you received from Tinniegirl! Cathy is a lovely person and I'm so glad I met her online then at Artful Journey retreat =-)

    Thanks for the supply recommendation - I've been wanting some watercolor crayons and I'm eying Caran D'ache - I can see budgeting is totally worth it. Thanks for sharing and hope to see more journaling/book binding goodness here!

  3. Glad to see you're participating in Blogtoberfest...this is my first time. How cool that you'll have your own studio in the new place! I LOVE your big journal! The Neocolour II's have been on my wish list for a while now....one day, I hope. :)

  4. Lovely to meet you through this binge that is Blogtoberfest! Ooh you're getting your own studio - lucky thing!!

  5. I love what you did with the cover of the journal. It looks gorgeous. And very excited about you having your own studio space.

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