Sunday, October 7, 2012

Watercolour my Heart Day 7 Blogtober!

Big weekend is coming to an end, and I am one tired little lovely, but I know I said I would here I am! nice short and sweet blog post today, so I can go and have a long relaxing hot shower.

Its a weekend for kissing deer shoes...I heart them so much!

right! onto the reason that you stop by for! The supplies! now my next supply cost me $10AUD..that's right, its the one supply I get asked the most during my videos..ohhh that watercolour set..where did you get it from...I have been asked that more times than I care to count for you..and my reply..a chain store called BIG W. Its a budget set in the art section by a low price art brand called Micador. you can get them in a smaller size than this one..but value for money, this size beats the other 10 or so colours. The colour range is very very good for its price, I give them a good spray with my water bottle let them get juicy and away I go, worked wonderfully with an aqua brush as well. Very bright vivid colour. Just because they are cheap doesn't meant they have crappy pigment.  As you can see, my palette has had some use...and broke in half lol...but doesn't stop them being used and abused on a day to day basis. The following pages have ALL been created with the 10 Dollar wonders.

this page here, the faces in particular were all done using the watercolours, the background green is an acrylic ink...which will be a supply for another day.  But all face colours and the lovely yellow all the watercolours I speak of.

using the colours not so wet and juice, using just a damp brush this girl below was created. This girl is just on normal fabriano 300GSM paper, no watercolour papers are used in my journals (too pricey lol) you can see that you can get varying shades of the same colour just by going over them a few times, the colours blend well aswell.

 this girl was painted with no pencil drawing, all done with watercolour then outlined later with a black pitt pen. You can do bright and vivid..or soft and subtle. This set is a fantastic set for people who want to play with watercolours but dont like the pricetag of the fancy ones ( I lust after the fancy ones..but on my mumma budget, out of my league)


The below image is my traveling watercolour set...yes you heard right this is my Peerless watercolour. They are my expensive ones, that were a gift from my boyfriend. They watercolour comes on a card and each card is a different colour, so I followed the video by the lovely Jane if these watercolours intrigue you do click on the link in Jane's will take you to a video she created to highlight the wonderfulness of these watercolours. My palette slots into the back of my journal ready to be accessed at anytime while I'm out and about!
If you have any questions about any of my supplies please do ask
of if there is something I haven't covered yet and you are dying to ask me! I'm always happy to give readers what they like, But don't get me wrong, if you ask about something and I don't use it...I will tell the truth. There are a lot of supplies I just don't use...I am a budget artist for sure. 
xx have a lovely night


  1. I absolutely love your style. So beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'm running to Big W tomorrow ☺

  3. My Big W's in West Aus doesnt carry them in the pans only the tubes, the riotters, lol. Whats the big set of W/Cs in the pans you have in the pics of this post & where did you get them. Looks like an awesome range of colours. Me wants lol
    email at shazza007 at hotmail dot com Thanks heaps Courtney xoxo


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