Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6!!! arty play and white pens.

The weekend is in full swing here at the Brook-Diaz house with daylight savings about to hit us, we have been packing boxes and de-cluttering for our impending move! I thought I would start my post with a quick snap of my dinner! garlic prawns, fresh strawberries a few almonds and a few roasted coconut chips! it was..devine. We are a paleo family for 2 months now and I can never see us looking back.

 today I jumped onto the Gulfsprite Ning to have a look at the beautiful Stardust course, Christy had urged me to give it a go, so I looked it over, got the image printed for it, and will be doing one on canvas, and a smaller version in my art journal. Can never have enough face drawings by the lovely Christy in my life.

my eclectic art journal is bulking up! I love flicking through to see the miss matched papers and the splashes of colour that are in my boarder bits.

Only a quick supply post tonight, White an avid doodler I use my black and my white pens, so many times a day, for those little details...highlights outlines and so forth. I have more than these three white pens, I just cant seem to track them down! so for now I'll talk about these ones. The sharpie poster paint with a fine tip is my fave for my finer details, the eye highlights mostly, there have been a few spillages because I've pushed too hard (be gentle handling this) next is the Sakura brand Gelly Roll white gel pen. This is a japanese brand of pen and is beautiful to work with! If I could buy a stack of these pens in different colours I would in a heartbeat! when you first start using the gelly pen I thought omg its not working! but as it dries it goes a beautiful stark white...also gives a little raised feel where it has been used so lovely for the textural factor. The last pen is my dot maker. a Posca paint pen, with a big chunky round tip. Posca make their pens in different colours and I am yet to try them, but if they are as good as their white pens, I'm all for them. Like I said I use this pen to make my dots and for my chunky highlights.

and a quick peak at my pencil case that goes everywhere with me, a lot of black pens of varying sizes and inks, a few bright coloured sharpie pens, a couple of highlighters, my white pens, a mechanical pencil, a little eraser, glue stick, scissors and a bone folder.

these things go everywhere with me, so that I can draw, and add quick details and pops of colour with no problems at all, meaning I can create art whenever I am out and about and have a spare moment to myself.
enjoy your night loves!
xx Courtney

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  1. Hi Coutney, loving Blogtober... Big task to keep it up while you are on the move- but you can do it!


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