Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inspiration Tuesday - Floral Fondness.

Colour colour colour!
I have been going nuts over colour lately, and this addiction has seeped into my wedding board on pintrest! so whats inspiring me today...is bright floral arrangements that I'm swooning over.
Maybe one of them will end up being my colour theme who knows!

just look at it! all the rich bright colours, the reds the deep purples, and that pop of green!

 the purples and greens in this make my heart sing, and the touches of peacock feathers is just devinte...I am really loving that deep purple...its a big contender.
and speaking of shades of purple...
now that I have them all together, they look very similar....
and they are colours I use inside my art journal a lot..says so much about myself as an artist! What colours are making you inspired at the moment?

maybe I will take the colours in this post and create a journal page based around it for Friday pages..who knows..all I know is, my floral bouquet is going to be very bright and very rich with colour...

have a great Tuesday guys
xx Courtney

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