Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Mantra!

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I am behind! and only because of a little miss tea cup human getting chicken pox, I've been on scratch stopping duty, and giving lots of mummy hugs (I've had them) Little Lily has not been a happy camper, so I've missed the last two blog posts, because being her mummy comes first.

so back on track! Welcome to Monday, where we start a new week with a new mantra to set the tone for the coming days.

With so many things in life, it is easier to become a just follow and not not try to be original. I think..that needs to stop...I think we need to opening our minds and our hearts and be more of a Voice..than just an echo of someone else. It's so simple, and yet so hard for so many.
Lets take more steps in being stand out and ourselves, instead of a ghosted impression of someone else.

have a beautiful week, I'll see you tomorrow for what's inspiring me
xx Courtney

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