Wednesday, January 2, 2013

things starting to get done

As the new year begins the organization kicks in! I got myself some big notebooks to fill with ideas, notes, research and tutorial thoughts for the next coming months, to keep myself on track and ever evolving throughout the year.  How do you get your thoughts and ideas down?

We finally took our lovely tree down today, and the little kid inside me pouts as the decorations come down and the magic of Christmas gets packed away once more for another year

away go the deer, the snowmen and they photo ornaments I had made a few years ago of our family.


More changes are happening, and when Monday hits next week the daily scheduled will kick in, I'm just finalizing side bar buttons and marking the posts down on my Huge new whiteboard calender!
told you...word of the year...organized.

enjoy your evening
 x Courtney

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  1. Love the pink journal/todo list. I am still looking for one to use and I have sticky notes everywhere.
    I so love the redesign of your blog both the header and the side bars.


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