Saturday, April 6, 2013

Around the Nook

It's Saturday and we have a house inspection, so I shall make this short and sweet and there is much to do! Around our nook, there is anything impressive happening, I turned 29, we had an epic Easter, lots of egg hunts and hat parades, we've gone to the mountains to check a wedding venue..and there has been some of the following...

 Curling up under a rainbow quilt and reading for 30 mins a day...(post coming on my new way of organizing my day)

 Celebrating our little man's achievement with getting his first big big away this year! He is so excited and so are we, he is trying really hard this year, I can see the change in him, wanting to do more, read more learn more, its truly an inspiring thing to witness as a mum.

 Embracing new books! I've heard a few things on this little book and finally I downloaded it onto the Ipad, who says a girl cant be reading several books? I certainly don't! I will start the pages of this one tonight with my cup of tea. I am most excited.

and an order from a company called Yes Walker. I am very impressed with my little ballet flats, and they offer free shipping worldwide, with buy one get one free on most styles, so I will be ordering from there again most definitely! They have some really funky flats, which made choosing just two pairs a hard choice! but I got these and some sunlight yellow loafers, both fit very well, loafers are a touch to big but nothing major, the heart ones above fit beautifully and have almost become my new fave shoes.

That's all for around the nook
what's happening in your neck of the woods?
xx Courtney

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  1. The Night Circus is MERSMERISING! I LOVE IT and am sure you will too, it's an artists dream and I would love to work as a designer on the movie version.


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