Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Mantra - dont give in to your fears.

Good Morning my's mantra for the week is about facing our fears, about taking something that has scared us down to the depths of our soul, and taking it down.
I wanted to put this one up, because for many years, I've lived my life in fear, fear of so many things, and it makes one so tired being scared of so many things. ..
For over 10 years, I haven't stepped into a pool...for me that is a big thing, as I grew up beside pools, swimming was one of the things I ADORED, as I got older and more ashamed of my body, I stopped swimming all together.
a couple of weeks ago, I decided to face my fear, I picked one of my kid free days, got my swimmers, walked to the public pool...and spent 2 hours swimming as part of my workout...I almost turned back so many times, but I made it to the pool, got changed, and got in...and it was fantastic. The only reason I have a photo, is my girlfriend wanted photographic proof that I actually went swimming! So there you have it, do one thing this week that is a big fear of yours...I did...and I'll face it every Friday, when I go back for another 2 hour block of swimming, I know and hope it will get easier every week...for now my fear, has no power.
have a fantastic Monday! and a great week, I'll see you soon
xx Courtney


  1. Woot. Go Courts. Next stop, beach.

  2. hey! i subbed to your youtube channel and i was hoping you could stop by on my blog :)aussie unite! lol hahaha
    blog address:
    thank you so much :)

  3. :) This is such an empowering post...good for you!!! I will have to think on this.... Maybe this relates a bit: Last wk, on a mini family vacation, my family & I went hiking up a mountain in Pennsylvania to view all these gorgeous waterfalls, & I discovered that I have a slight fear of heights; & more so, when my 15 yr old son would stand right at the very edge to peer down or sit at the edge & dangle his feet. My heart & tummy flipped flopped...though, I did not stop him from doing so....which took everything in me not to. It bothered me much more than it did my hubby. I have to admit, careful slipped from my mouth a couple of times....which aggravated my son to no end. I did take notice that he was careful & cautious were he choice to peer down from & sit...he's always been this way...fearless yet, careful. I realized my fear came from a place of nervousness & unease as I felt light headed & scared when I looked down, & not actual 'warning bells' for his safety. Hope that makes sense.

    Thank you for sharing, Courtney! ~H♥~


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