Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Inspiration Tuesday - Paint Chip Tuesday

The humble paint chip! you get them from hardware stores and paint shops, free 90% of the time, and you don't really notice them...and I admit it, neither did I...until I delved into pintrest searching for something to inspire me for the week...and I found some very cool uses for paintchips!
Putting them through your printer! and giving such a fantastic look to your family photos! this may not appeal to many, but this sung to the artist in me and the memory keeper! this is deffinately on my to do list! even if the photos just end up in my journal! still a great way to use your photos and give your art journal a splash of colour! totally my top pick.

How about adding some art to the walls of your house! This blew my mind, John wasn't sold on it, but me, I was in love! I may even make a mini version for my studio wall, I thought this was a stunning home decor way to use a stack of paint chips! and a very budget friendly way to give one of your walls a little attitude and brightness.

 One of my faves, purely for my little girls sake and her love of notebooks! was turning them into little notebooks add a little cheap white paper sew them down the side to hold it all together and before you know it, you have a great array of little notebooks! My little Lily will lose her mind over these, as she is a notebook hoarder, and has such a collection (almost as much as mummy) so I will be making these for sure...for the both of us, an easy way to throw a little book into your handbag for your daily reminders.
above is another take on the notebooks...can you tell I love them hehe. Such a simple idea...used in so many ways! there was alot of ideas for paint chips but I had to pick my three faves, or this post would be huge!

I hope this has inspired you a little to look outside the norm for something to brighten your day on a budget!
xx Courtney
see you tomorrow for my first wedding post!



  1. I love all the collors on the wall, but I think my hubby would not like it at all Ü
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. Thanks Courtney for this inspirerd post.
    I like the way the photo's turned out.

    Love Helmie.


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