Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I do Wednesday - My fortnightly Wedding Post.

Hi there!
I thought is was time I started sharing my ideas and inspirations for my Winter wedding next year. Yes yes I am very EARLY but with a small budget and big ideas, I need to hash our how I'm going to make a beautiful wedding happen, on such a small amount of money! So every fortnight I will be posting a Wedding entry...who doesn't love a wedding right?

John and I, only picked colours like a week ago, and this was after I was frantically picking colours all over the place, from reds to mustards, purples and vintage blue, before I knew it I was drowning under a rainbow of colour combinations. I needed my husband to be to step in and calm blue ocean me!
We decided that Green and Grey would be our theme. Peridot green and grey, more to the point.

I am loving the idea of my Bridesmaids wedding lovely grey dresses with a pop of colour in their

the artist in me would love to sport these under my wedding dress, but I think both mothers would be mortified heheh.

So that is where my head is at the moment, next post will be about our engagement party invites, which I am currently working away on myself to save money! I just needed the colours first before I could create anything! So you will get to see how they turn out, and how I used our colour combo to make it work.

I hope you enjoyed the first wedding post, there is a lot to cover! enjoy your day
xx Courtney


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