Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Inspiration Tuesday - List Me Baby!

The other night in my sleepy haze after a big day, I found a link to 52 Lists for the year, I am behind of course, thats how I roll most of the time, behind the 8 ball, but I started to print them out, and will be filling them in, till I catch up. These lists will be put into my Project Life Folder, (which I'm also catching up on lol  - pics to come!) I decided that week to week with project life is just too much for me, I have photos for months..so I thought, I will just document my year, any way I can, so my folder will be our entire year with no fixed, boxed in ways of documenting, just what I get done...anyway! back to the lists!
Moorea Seal is the creator of the list project, and I must say I am enjoying filling these out!!

So if you are looking for something to bulk up you project life, or just a bit of a list lover like myself, why not catch up like me! and do 52 Lists!

have a beautiful Tuesday!
xox Courtney

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  1. Wow, thanks for this! What a gorgeous idea, so simple and perfect :). I shall start this asap xxx


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