Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Inspiration Tuesday - Collections are Beautiful

I think collections of things are so lovely, they move a person to love it so much that they want multiples of this one thing..they really do fascinate me.

here are some collections that have won my heart lately.
above is Gertie Jaquet's handcarved stamp collection which I gasped at when I saw it! so so amazing.

of course whats collections post without journal collections
a year of journals from the blog Wild thyme

 a beautiful collection of teacups from the blog inspire Bohemia 

do you collect things?
I know I have a few little collections happening, maybe one day I'll photograph them
enjoy your Tuesday
x Courtney 


  1. oh gosh love all these collections. very nice. hmm wouldn't know what my collection would be... oh yeah wait. my kids messes lol keep tidying them up but it keeps overflowing through the rest of the house...lol no room for any of my items sadly. Kids! lol wouldn't trade them for anything though....sigh....

  2. I seriously gasp extremely out loud when I saw that handcarved stamp collection....~swoon~


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