Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Mantra

Now that the engagement party is over, and a week working at the craft fair with the lovely Jane Davenport and that my family have now also returned home, I can now settle back into the blogging.

I sat for a while trying to think about what I wanted my weeks mantra to be...I had a lot of options, but this one seemed to be prevalent for the week. I think I spend too much time existing, and not living. We always want to get through another day, instead of living in it. I am going to try and be more in the moment and living...then purely existing.

this week I have some paleo cookies for a we try it wednesday I made them on the weekend loved them and thought they would be a good recipe...they are a TREAT still.

I have some journal pages to show you in Friday's pages, I am also filming the part 4 of the journal keeper, which I know many are waiting for!

I want to undertake a little winter craft soon, as its the weather for it...but lately my crafyness has been a little lack lustre lol, maybe this will be my year of finishing...pft lol we shall see

have a fantastic monday, and I'll see you back here with Inspiration Tuesday
xx Courtney

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