Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Creative Space Thursday

Another week of creative crazyness at my house, with all my yarn being posted into the etha, I am spending my time relaxing, crafting and sending out some much needed snail mail. I used to send a handful of letters a week, but as I've become a mum the handful has turned into one every few months if Im lucky! So Im making time for the little things in life like letters and handmade cards...

below are my little thankyou cards to a few of my customers that have supported me every step of the way in my little dyeing business. All handmade even down to the little envelopes that Im working on at the moment.
I've had so much fun making these bite sized green cards with crazy mismatching envelopes, but its the thought that counds, I hope they make my girls smile.
Im also working on my gifts for no reason list, to send close friends little things in the mail just for no reason other than pure and simple thankyou. Im just putting together a little owl notebook for a woman I have not met, but has made an impact of my life.

Life is about giving and creating for no reason other than pure bliss.
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  1. "just because" gifts are the very best kind. Happy making.

  2. What a lovely thing to do! The cards look beautiful.:)

  3. I love gifts like these - both making them and receiving them. I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled!

  4. They are fabulous cards! I manage a letter every 3 months! Great space :) K

  5. It's a lovely idea to have a stock of little cards and "just because" gifts on hand. Some day I might have the time to create my own stash.

  6. These are lovely! I have been thinking much the same thing about snail mail myself lately!


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