Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Mantra

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Good Morning!
I know it's been forever! but fear not with all my crazy planners, I've finally got my act together and got a posting scheduled together for the blog, and also you tube.  A lot of people have been wondering where I am! hoping for a post, or a video something! I have been around, I am just stupidly busy trying to get on top of a few things, and planning for the wedding in October!
What you will see in the space in the coming days and months :-
Monday Mantra posts. ( I miss these)
Art Journal posts, featuring pages from both my art journal and my written midori journal.
A Weekily or Bi Weekly Youtube video post.
Friday Faves which will feature my top thing for the week be it an art supply stationery makeup handbag.
A Sunday Round up post featuring the photos that havent made it to instagram or the blog from my big camera.
and every other week either a wedding post, a weightloss post, or a recipe...who knows...

But for now, remember, if the day truly sucks, or you've broken your diet...its not too late to start over...we all love a clean page, it doesn't have to be ruined, we just need to turn the page.

Take care and I'll see you soon!
x Courtney

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  1. Oh Courtney I am soooo happy that your back. You have been missed and am looking forward to hearing more from you. Lots of love Donna


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