Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Creative License - Raven Ink Book Review

A new segment that will feature on the blog will be art book reviews, I know there are many of us out there that adore some eye candy, and I am a confessed art book buying crazed woman. So many ask me what my favourite books are when I show a new acquisition so I thought as a monthly blog post I would review the books in my collection and any other new ones that may happen to be adopted by yours truly. 

The book in question is The Creative License by Danny Gregory This book jumped into my basket while I was perusing the books at Kinokuniya which is a wonderful bookstore in the city, it is always such a treat when we visit this book store, with all the lush books, and stunning stationery department I could in fact spend many hours and not get bored. I always find myself in the art section of the book store, how could I not! I was feeling rather blah this day, and saw this brightly coloured watercolour  and instantly was drawn to it. The words 'Giving yourself permission to be the artist you truly are' written right up front caught my attention. I as an artist struggle daily calling myself an actual artist, no I'm not famous, no I don't have work in galleries, but I do art...most days in fact so I wondered what this book could do for me, since I struggle so much with OWNING the title artist when referring to the question...'and what do you do?'

This book changes the way you look at things, I love things that have passion about them, and reading the words while drinking in the artwork it oozes passion for art, drawing and journal keeping. He uses his own experiences to explain things, with little challenges to keep you on your toes, telling you to embrace mistakes as they are what you learn from. Creative license helped me overcome my blank page paralysis. 

Danny urges you to draw in pen, something I still struggle with but hope that in the new year I will throw myself into the whole no erasing things notion this book preaches. 

The images in this book are a visual pleasure to look at, they make reading this book a dream, I still to this day open the book up and fip through it to be inspired all over again, catching myself reading sections over and over never tiring of it. 

If you are entertaining the thought of keeping a drawing journal, or a visual account of your days and I know many of us are doing this to an extent in our Hobonichi journals this book is a great companion for you. It gets you out of your little box, and pumps you with confidence, whilst helping you get a feel for drawing even if you haven't ever entertained the idea of drawing a stick figure. 

I high recommend this book for the beginner and for the intermediate, we as artists like to feel that we are not alone in the love for keeping a journal and this book shows such love and joy for drawing everything down and keeping it between the pages of a journal. I have since purchased several other books by Danny Gregory and have devoured every single one of them, each as amazing as the last. 
This book should be your next purchase, you wont regret it! 


x Courtney


  1. Hi Courtney, I'm also an art book nerd and really admire Danny Gregory. I have "The Illustrated Journey" and looking forward to his new book "Art Before Breakfast". He's just released a video about it -
    How about reviewing Jane's new book "Beautiful Faces"? I think it's awesome. Really enjoying your daily drawings in your Hobo. I really want one but when I went to order an A5 Cousin and cover it was going to cost me around $90 AUD??? Not sure if I did something wrong in the ordering process. Is that what I should expect to pay to ship to Oz? x

  2. Hi:-) i just have to say I LOVE your blog, and your work is so inspiring:-)
    Thank you for sharing.


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