Friday, June 5, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Plus Size Version- What made the Cut?

Thank you for such a positive response on all my media platforms about the plus size capsule wardrobe  post! It really made me stand up and take notice that it is a big gap that needs filling! I am here to fill the gap just a little!

After last post I left you with the room of doom, where I sorted, and collated my wardrobe bit by bit and now its time to show you what made the cut! and also what I purchased. The total of my items and maybe and outfit or two.

Each week I will try to do a collection of outfits, I'll show you what items I wore and how I wore them. So both you and I can see what has gotten the most amount of wear, what is the most versatile and what could have been left out by the end of the three months.

I have a total of  40 items altogether broken up into, tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes. I have considered adding scarves to my total but the jury is out on that at present moment. I am seriously considering not counting my handbags and my scarves as they come under accessories. (in the end scarves and bags were not counted although my total for both is still very low)
Moving onto the clothing items:-

For tops I have

1 x Black lace 3/4 sleeved top - Thrifted
1 x Chambray button down - 17sundays (currently on sale) this was a new addition
1 x Deer Print Top - MINK DENIM - no longer available but MINK do some amazing tshirts! I have my eyes on a few for spring. available at myer.
1 x long sleeved black top with puffer sleeves CityChic-no longer available(bought for new york trip)
1 x Color block grey long tshirt - Best and Less - no longer available 
1 x Bird print grey 3/4 sleeves Jersey Top - H&M
1 x White Grapic Tshirt - Rivers no longer avialable
1x grey quirky neckline jersey top - Katies  no longer available
1 oversized grey top with yellow details - h&m australia - can't find it online (new edition to my wardrobe)

1 x Over sized off white long sleeved top with sheer detailing - Big W no longer available
1 x Long White top with layering detail - Piper Woman no longer available
1 x Long white singlet - Rockmans currently on sale for half price
2 x Black long singlets - Rockmans currently on sale (these are staples and go under all my slightly too short tops.
Above are all my tops so 14 all together.
For outer wear I have
1 x Black trench coat - City chic no longer available but there is a similar one on their site
1 x Denim Jacket - Lee Cooper Big W no longer available but he brings out jackets to big w a lot.
1 x Biker type jacket - Autograph no longer available but have similar items on their store currently
1 x Grey long sleeve boyfriend cardigan - Rivers  no longer available (new addition to my wardrobe)
1 x Black chiffon layered zipped jacket City Chic no longer available but similar online at the moment
1 x Dark grey long sleeved flowy cardigan - Katies  no longer available
1 Long sleeve Belted Cardigan - City Chic bought in current sale but no longer in stock
1 x Grey turtleneck cable knit poncho - Rivers no longer available
1 x Mustard cardigan - Forever21 bought in new york should have bought more of them!

All together I have 9 outerwear items some get a lot more wear than others I've discovered but you will get that with any wardrobe in coming posts I'll sure what gets the most wear, and how I've used an item in many outfits to create different looks.

For Bottoms + Dresses I have.
1x Polka dot Midi Skirt -  City Chic was in current sale but sold out.  This was a new addition
1 x Floral Dress - Asos Curve no longer available but asos always update stock!
1 x White Origami print smock dress dress - Asos Curve currently out of stock
1 x Blue Middi Button Skirt - Modcloth  - link takes to you to similar one
1 x Black Midi Skirt - Asos Curve currently not available but always have similar styles
1 x Boyfriend Jeans - Target
1 x Dark Wash Jeans - City Chic currently on sale but can't find online - new edition.
1x Gold Zip flirty skirt - City Chic - no longer available.
1 x Black Dress with kite details City Chic - currently on sale but not online.

This brings my bottoms and dresses total to 9

For Shoes I have selected 5 Pairs - one not photographed (totally forgot - but you will see in outfits)

1 x Black pointed ballet flats - Betts for Her currently on sale just not online - New addition
1 x Charcoal Suede Leather ankle bots - City Chic Currently on Sale - New addition
1 x Black ankle boot - Target currently not available but have many boot styles in store similar
1 x Brown ankle boot - Rivers currently not available but again have many similar styles in store.
No photographed - 1 x camel coloured ankle boots - Rivers not currently available but have many styles
Total shoes 5 pairs.

Which brings all of the above items to 37 items I want to make my capsule number an even 40 so these are the current maybes.

Current maybes which are fence sitters.

we have
1 x black and white flowy dress - h&m  currently unavailable
1 x Hot pink and black dress - City Chic currently unavailable (this is high contender for being added just for a pop of colour and because its a heavy winter dress)
1 x black button down dress - Big W the Chrissy Swan range - currently not available
1 x Black maxi skirt - I own one, its packed is that a sign to leave it packed.... we shall see if I get it out of the boxes/bags or not.

the two handbags which I will be using (which I'm not counting as part of my total are
1 x brown leather tote - whippingpost, this is my everyday carry 99% of the time.
1 x Teal Green handbag - Michael Kors (bought from Nordstrom Rack in NYC)

I also purchased a plaid scarf to wear with my capsure wardrobe and that thing is already a workhorse! I bought the scarf from Forever21 the Sydney store and as far as I know is till currently available.

 For now this is all I have, in the coming posts I will be posting outfits and clothing combinations to show you what has worked well and what really hasnt.

Which of my 'maybe' clothes do you think should make up my 40 items? There will be a pair of  black leggins added to the 40 so only 2 items from the maybe's will make it.

I will be back once a week with a capsule post, another part of the series will be #projectwearit, where I purchase a high end item and a low end item and wear them the same amount of times to see if spending an extra few dollars will be worth it.

what items do you want to see in outfits?
x Courtney


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