Thursday, May 1, 2008

Morning posts with a cup of tea next to me and some soon to be jam toast as Im starving! Its another overcast day, which is ok with me except Im rather cold all the time! Ive been knitting things on the sly at the moment, my sister is having a baby shower in the next two weeks and with money being so tight, my only option was to knit her something, so on my blue gittery needles right now is a newborn beanie this is the pattern pink but mine will be hand dyed and I hope it works out allright, I dont want her to hate it!
As my besty said its hotwaterbottle time now! and I did just ADORE the cover she featured on her post just the other night, so Im scouring patterns to match the one from patterns and prints it was just to adorable! to look at it, have a mosey onto miss sophies blog lots of cute things to read there!
Im hoping to buy a card reader this pay so I can finally update with photos! instead of a whole heap of my babble I have several things I want to put up but cant as yet!
Im off to make my toast finally as Im just too hungry at the moment to think straight! what I wouldnt kill for a marsbar though!
will post tomorrow with some lovely things just need to track some down!

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