Sunday, May 4, 2008

a little bit of sunday

A rather cold morning and day even if the suns out! Ive been knitting up a storm with newborn beanies and mittens! most cute, once they are all dyed up they will be posted here and on my joint blog with my besty

I got up early for the markets today, but what a waste of time! no fruit for me to buy I was most unimpressed! the only good thing to come from the outing was this adorable teapot cozy that my mum bought for me! Im totally in love...

It was 5bucks for a little old lady who loves to knit random stuff lol, but it looks rather sweet on my also new teapot!

my mums been spoiling me a bit lately, last week she bought over a lovely wrapped gift from our favourite little homewares shop Magnolia, inside the lush green paper and pink ribbon was these little lovelies!

they are all differnt sizes and blank inside them, the top one is so small its been perfect for row counting when Im knitting pattern work! handy little size too! Last but not least is some wool I got in a swap a few months ago, and Ive finally decided to knit my little girl a pair of long pants, and embroider little flowers all over it in a bright pink

its going to look adorable i think!well my dads here to pick us up for lunch so ill leave it on that note! enjoy your weekend!

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